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Jun 22, 2011

In this podcast my friend Jondi Whitis discuss a bunch of topics around tapping and healing. In the conversation we cover:

  • Being able to be honest about where we really are and why that is paramount to healing.
  • Using where we are to build on knowing where would like to be.
  • How to stay in the moment (which leads to healthier choices).
  • Noticing what is happening emotionally.
  • Is tapping similar to hypnotic induction?
  • Why we resist healing and how can we deal with it.
  • Why tapping doesn't work when I tap on my own.
  • How I can move forward and still feel like I am going backwards.
  • What to do when I don't know what I want.
  • What to do when a client doesn't know how to talk about their emotions.
  • How do I continue to grow my understanding that I am enough.